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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A metro family is desperate for answers about an Independence missing woman. 

Police have issued a Silver Alert for 71-year-old Tony Williamson, who vanished exactly two weeks ago. Williamson’s sister is frustrated with a delayed response and is now deeply worried about her sister’s safety. 

Sigrid Drennen’s routine is now hopping in the car, driving around and looking for any sign of Williamson. 

“I just hope someone can find her because I just feel bad for her because I know she doesn’t deserve this,” Drennen said. 

She said Williamson suffers from dementia and schizophrenia. Her sister just finished a month-long hospital stay from infections that left her confused and skipping needed medications. 

When Williamson was released from the hospital on May 7, she was referred to a group home on Sterling Avenue in Independence. 

“She seemed to be OK with staying there. She was coherent but still confused and not really herself,” Drennen said. 

But Williamson reportedly walked out of the group home after dinner that Friday night and again around 10 p.m. A worker brought her in and asked Williamson to stay put. But sometime in the night, she left again. 

“They repeatedly said they’re not a lockdown facility but they are a facility to take care of people who in other ways can’t take care of themselves, so I feel like she should’ve been watched more. I feel like, yeah, they failed her big time,” Drennen said. 

Drennen didn’t know what happened until 9 a.m. the next day. 

The group home told police it didn’t have medical records to help trigger a Silver Alert. 

“It went on until Tuesday that I got her case worker to call him and explain to him her condition,” Drennen said. 

After issuing the Silver Alert on May 11, nearly four days after Williamson vanished, police found footage of her walking at two different locations along 24 Highway in Independence on Saturday, May 8. 

She was spotted again that afternoon in Kansas City near 12th and Prospect, asking for blankets.   

Drennen believes her sister boarded a bus, found a friend who could help, and there have been no confirmed sightings since. 

Without medications to treat her physical and mental health, Drennen fears the worst. 

“Part of me, I really felt she’s not safe by now, but since a couple people thought they might’ve seen her, I have hopes maybe she’s still OK,” Drennen said. 

The group home where Williamson was staying declined to comment to FOX4 about the case.  Williamson is described as 5-foot-2, weighing 117 pounds. She wears glasses and has brown hair and blue eyes. Her sister asks if you see her, to stay with Williamson and call police.