After former Capital Grille wall collapses, engineer inspects Plaza apartments

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A structural engineer is inspecting an apartment building on the Country Club Plaza on Tuesday after part of a wall next door collapsed on it.

Workers near 48th and Jefferson streets are making sure a public walkway in between the buildings stays safe.

The former Capital Grille restaurant building is one of three being torn down on the Plaza to make way for a new Nordstrom store in 2021.

As workers demolished a floating wall on the south side of the restaurant building Monday, part of it fell onto scaffolding covering a walkway that’s used by tenants and others on the Plaza to get to a nearby parking garage.

Bricks and scaffolding fell, breaking about seven windows and damaging an air conditioner at the apartment building next door, where another construction crew is doing restoration work on that historic structure.

Joshua Dunkin said the collapse even reached his pick-up truck while it was parked on Jefferson Street.

“I think the whole rear side is kind of crushed in a little bit,” Dunkin said. “Whiting Turner has been very helpful. They are the general contractor out here. They helped me out a lot. My company has been pretty supportive. I’m grateful not to be in that thing when it happened.”

A supervisor at the demolition site told FOX4 there were workers on each end of the scaffolding walkway to prevent people from walking through as crews brought the wall down.

No one was hurt, but the demolition firm is helping a couple of tenants while damages are repaired.

The new Nordstrom store will be big — 122,000 square feet on the west side of the Plaza — after the three buildings are demolished.

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