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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s not every day that a police officer comes knocking, only to give you $5,700. Yet, that’s what happened to Jimmie Charlene Herbst on February 27.

In 2016, Officer Erik Winters found Herbst living alone in a home that he described as uninhabitable, according to a statement from KCPD. Officer Winter “took on the role of a family member,” helping her move into an assisted living home, The Gardens at Barry Road. He continued to visit her, provide her transportation and sell her car that she no longer needed.

While she was at the living center, neighbors reported a burglary at her empty home.

In 2018, KCPD, working with in auctioning off property obtained in criminal cases, gave the company 28 $100 U.S. savings bonds from items sold in relation to a 2016 robbery. The property had been recovered from the thief.

Staff with the auction company tried to track down one of the owners of the bonds, but he was dead. The other name was that of Jimmie Charlene Herbst. They also had trouble finding her, since she had outlived her husband and her son and no longer lived at her old home.

After looking through old police records, Officer Bill Keeney found that Officer Winters had worked with the woman in 2016. Together, the two finally located Herbst at the living center.

Officer Keeney then presented her with the money, a reimbursement from her items lost in the burglary. Officer Winter could not attend.

The bonds had more-than doubled in value, now worth more than $5,700, according to the police statement.

With a huge smile, she received the recovered bonds, stating, “I’m flabbergasted!”

Mrs. Herbst offered Officer Keeney a hug and told everyone thank you.