After hundreds of resumes, man changes one thing and jobs start rolling in

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LOS ANGELES — Without work, Jose Zamora sent hundreds of resumes online, hoping to get a job — or at least an interview. Zamora said he would apply for 50 to 100 jobs a day. His attempts went unanswered. Until he changed one simple thing — and it apparently made all the difference because a week later he started to receive email after email inquiring about his experience.

The one little thing he changed? He removed the “s” from Jose. He changed his name to Joe, and employers took notice.

“I was applying for the same exact jobs, the exact same resume, the exact same experience,” he said. “Just a different name. Sometimes I don’t even think people know or are conscious or aware that they’re judging — even if it’s by name. But I think we all do it all the time.”





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