After local dog attacked, KC Pet Project shares tips on how to take action


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If your dog is attacked in Kansas City, do you know what to do? One Northeast Kansas City family is figuring that out after an off-leash dog bit their dog last week.

Owner Luke Hutmacher said his dog Skye is going to be OK. However, they know of other instances with the same dog, and nothing had been done.

FOX4 talked to KC Pet Project, who handles animal control for the city, and the agency said it’s looking into it.

Hutmacher said last Thursday he was walking his two dogs when two pit bulls approached them.

“Coming up on one of these small little bungalows, two pit bulls just ran across the street from a couple houses down and confronted my two dogs,” Hutmacher said.

He reported it to KC Pet Project and said this isn’t the first time the dogs have been out off-leash.

“Two or three people came forward and said that these dogs in particular were notorious for doing that. So two people said that their dogs were also attacked,” Hutmacher said.

KC Pet Project spokesperson Tori Fugate said they have a full-time cruelty investigative and compliance officer who looks into cases like this. Fugate said the most important thing you can do is make a report with them if it happens to your dog.

“The more reports, the more details that we have on these situations, the better so we can act accordingly and figure out solutions so that this doesn’t that doesn’t happen where an animal attacks the person,” Fugate said.

“It would be nice to be able to see Animal Rescue in any situations that were called in for aggressive animals and just avoid it,” Hutmacher said.

Before KC Pet Project took over animal control for the city, instances like this appeared on the 311 map. But since then, they no longer appear. Fugate said they’re working on their own system like 311 to show reports of dog attacks, but it will take time to get it up and running.

Fugate said dog owners need to make sure their pets are on their property, and if not, they have to be on a leash the second they step onto a city street.

“It is imperative that if your pets are off your property that you have them on a leash. It is the law in Kansas City, Missouri. If your pet is not on a leash, you are subject to citations and fines,” Fugate said.

For now, Hutmacher said he’s glad Skye will be OK, and that KC Pet Project will work with the owner on a solution.

“I want the dogs to be safe. We love dogs. It’s very dog friendly neighborhood,” Hutmacher said.

The owner of the dogs told FOX4 they planned to help the dog if it needed any vet bills, and they’re working to make sure their dogs stay on their property if they are off leash.

KC Pet Project said it’s looking into the reports it received and will work with the owners.

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