After owner feared the worst, KC animal control officers find lost dog, assist with reunion


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A lost dog that its owner feared was dead is now back in her arms, thanks to help from two Kansas City animal control officers.

The dog named Charlie was being watched by a friend while his mom was packing up to move out of state when he got loose. The escape happened on Oct.15. Charlie’s owner shared his photo online, hoping he’d be found. At one point, she even got bad information that Charlie died.  

But this week, two Kansas City animal control officers found the dog stuck in a snow-covered thicket. Officer Claybrook called for back-up, and Officer Cunningham helped get the pup to Kansas City Pet Project and shared his pictures on social media.  

A total stranger recognized him as Charlie from previous “lost dog” posts thanks to his piercing blue eyes. He’s now been reunited with his owner, who had been on the road headed to Florida, but returned to get him.

“That’s what makes my day and that’s what makes it worth coming to work every day.  Some of the hardships, the late nights, some of the things we have to see.  But that’s what makes it worth it when a dog gets reunited like that,” said Kansas City Animal Control Ofc. Joseph Claybrook.

Charlie’s owner says he survived on leaves and berries for two weeks. He’s now getting special medical care to help resolve tummy troubles, and she is hopeful he will recover.



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