After staying the night in KC, more than 50 passengers on derailed train are back on track to destination

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Passengers onboard a derailed train headed for Chicago are now back on track after spending Monday night in Kansas City.

About 50 to 60 passengers spent the night at the Sheraton after arriving from an area near Dodge City, Kan.

Passengers told FOX 4 Kathy Quinn that they have had a long few days, which is why many of them have refused to speak with media on camera.

“It was a long night, and obviously a long day at the recreation center,” passenger Dennis Jensen said. “They did bring in cots and the Red Cross was there for snacks, beverages that type of thing. And actually the time was probably well spent in just calming down, just realizing it could have been 10 times worse or 100 times worse.”

David Tisdale, who was on the derailed train, shared some new photos with FOX 4 and said there were actually four cars that toppled over, another four went off the tracks and one car went sideways.



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