After SUV damaged, KC woman shocked there were no cameras in Parking Spot’s secure lot

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City woman is warning others about what she considers a lack of security at a parking lot near the airport.

Angelia Caudle used to always park at The Parking Spot, located on N.W. Prairie View Road, when flying out of KCI, but she won’t again after her most recent experience.

“I left [my vehicle] at The Parking Spot thinking that it was going to be safe,” she said.

Caudle returned from a business trip and found the back of her brand-new SUV was damaged. She had parked it at The Parking Spot for three days.

“Well yeah, I’m upset because I saw it as soon as I opened the trunk to put my luggage in,” she said.

She talked with local management who said they didn’t have cameras on the lot, so there was no way to know who hit her vehicle. Caudle couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t necessarily think they’d be liable for it, but I thought they would have cameras to help me figure out who had hit the vehicle,” she said.

The manager at The Parking Spot informed Caudle that the company had a good Samaritan policy, according to emails exchanged between them.

“The way they explained it to me is that if someone hits your vehicle, they’re expected to leave a note, and their name and number so that you can get in contact with them,” she recalled.

Caudle took her concerns to corporate. In an email to Caudle, Brian Vandehey, the VP of West Coast operations, stressed that the company doesn’t take any liability for self-park vehicles. He added that “with a facility of over 3,600 spaces, it is cost prohibitive to add cameras to see the entire facility.”

“It’s a gated parking lot that you’re paying an extra price to park there. You feel like you’re safer there than it is at economy parking at the airport,” Caudle said.

The Parking Spot is a private operator, separate from airport-owned lots.

In a statement to FOX4, Joe McBride, spokesman for KCI Airport, explained that “cameras are deployed in strategic locations throughout all on-airport parking lots.” This will also apply to the garage associated with the new terminal.

“We don’t show our hand and let the bad guys know what we have deployed where to keep our patrons and their property safe. This includes assets such as people and technology,” McBride wrote.

He went on to explain that even if a note is left on a vehicle, “if staff members see a damaged vehicle, they will be proactive and leave a note with information for the owner to see upon their return, including contact information for KCI Airport Police in case the owner wishes to file a police report.”

“Just be aware of where you’re parking,” Caudle said.

Caudle said The Parking Spot offered her a 7-day pass to make things right. She didn’t take it.

Caudle now parks in the economy parking lot at KCI.

“I don’t want to ever use [The Parking Spot] parking lot again,” she said.

FOX4 reached out to The Parking Spot several times for comment but never got a response.



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