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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Some neighbors in Kansas City, Kansas say they are fed up with speeding in the community and they want police to do something about it.  

This comes after the third traffic death on Parallel Parkway this year.  

It happened on 38th Street and Parallel Parkway Sunday evening.  

Police said speeding is to blame.

“It’s not getting any better,” Charles Tolman, a KCK resident said. “In the last couple of years, it’s gotten worse because we get no help from the police department.” 

Charles Tolman has lived in his house near Parallel Parkway for more than 30 years and said the speeding on the long stretch of road hasn’t gotten any quitter.  

“It’s crazy,” Tolman said. “I pulled on to parallel last week and I’m sitting here looking and suddenly there’s two cars coming by me at 80, 90 miles per hour.” 

Tolman said the Parallel Parkway is a nightmare and he’s witnessed multiple wrecks.  

Some of them were only a couple of steps away from his home. 

“They’re revving their engines up at the stop light and you can tell which stoplight they’re at and when that stoplight turns green, they just go for it,” Hannah McClain, Resident said.  

McClain’s home is off Parallel Parkway too.  

She and Tolman both said they want to see more officers enforcing the speed.  

“Parallel is just a problem,” said Nancy Chartrand with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department. “We know it. The community knows it. Problem is the speeders don’t realize the problem it is.” 

Chartrand said the police department is aware of the speeding problem and are doing their best.  

She said officers monitor speed hotspots every 30 days. 

But she said they can’t be everywhere, so they need the community to be their eyes and ears as well. 

“Go talk to your community policing officer,” Chartrand said. “Give them a phone call. You can call them, email them and let them know when this is happening in your neighborhood and what time of day are you seeing this.” 

Tolman said he soon hopes there’s a way to stop the speeders, so people cann stop getting hurt.

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