After weekend sweep, over two dozen KC bars, restaurants found violating new restrictions


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been almost a week since bars and restaurants in Kansas City had to adjust to a new set of rules.

“It’s been great,” Dalonzo Bagley said. “I actually felt safe, you know, the environment. I mean you do keep your mask on, and you take it off once you start eating.”

Bagley said he feels more comfortable going to bars and restaurants in Kansas City since there are stricter rules for them to follow.

“I felt like people were really socially distanced,” Bagley said. “People were spread a part.”

Starting Nov. 20, restaurants and bars now have to close their dining rooms at 10 p.m., and people are required to wear masks at all times unless eating or drinking.

“We’re going to be out I almost guarantee to you every weekend and some weekdays,” said Jim Ready, manager of Kansas City’s Regulated Industries Division.

Over the weekend 185 bars and restaurants were inspected, and 25 weren’t following the rules.

“Some of the bits and pieces I’ve heard is like people in after 10 o’clock with a large number of people there, people not wearing mask, staff not wearing masks,” Ready said.

He said he hasn’t been able to read all of the reports, but once he does, consequences for businesses could differ.

“Let’s say one of these cases I felt was pretty mild, like if mask wearing was at a very small percentage, that could very well be a warning because to me that shows the business was trying,” Ready said.

Ready said even though some places didn’t follow the rules, the outcome overall was great.

“For us to turn in 185 inspections just means that they were able to go in, see everything went good and go to the next business,” Ready said. “That’s great.”



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