After years of complaints, KC woman frustrated with house next door that’s caving in

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A homeowner in Kansas City is frustrated with the city over a building that’s caving in.

Jody Michael lives 14 feet away from the dangerous building and worries it could collapse any day.

“Fourteen feet from that house to our house right now, but if it falls in, you can tell it is coming this way,” Michael said.

She and her family moved into their home along Fairmount Avenue in the West Plaza are nearly 16 years ago. She said it’s what happened during the last 10 days that continues to keep her up at night.

“It has slid. It has probably slid 2 or 3 feet in the last 10 days,” Michael said.

She was home Memorial Day weekend when she said several construction workers fell through the ceiling while repairing the roof. She mentioned the incident in a recent complaint to the city on May 29.

It’s not the first complaint she has made. City records show her complaints started more than 7 years ago.

“What is really strange is that when we would complain, they would come look at them and then they would say it was fixed — and it never was fixed, and we would have to complain again,” Michael said.

A spokesperson for the city said the utilities need to be turned off so they can demolish the building. They expect demolition to happen by Monday.



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