After years of complaints, Wyandotte County judge takes control of apartments from T.E.H. Realty

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Mold, sewage and crumbling ceilings: Those are some of the issues residents of Crestwood Apartments have been complaining about for years.

Friday, a Wyandotte County judge stepped in and took control away from its owner, T.E.H. Realty, in an effort to improve living conditions for residents.

T.E.H. Realty owes mortgage holder Fannie Mae $2.5 million on the Crestwood property. It is now foreclosed on and will be assigned to a receiver to come in and sort out the mess.

“These tenants have been through a lot and they haven`t gotten a lot back, you know? And it’s heartbreaking. If anyone were to come in and see the conditions people were living in they wouldn`t want their own kids in this situation, you know what I mean?” Sabreena Morris told FOX4.

Talking about the conditions of Crestwood is emotional for Morris, who is the property manager and transferred to Crestwood from T.E.H. Realty corporate two weeks ago. Hearing about the deplorable conditions of the apartments was nothing like seeing it.

“Extremely heartbreaking. It`s really hard to sit here and see these mothers and fathers, these babies who are in the hospital with upper respiratory infections and pneumonia, it`s hard. It`s really hard,” Morris said.

Grizelda Godinez showed FOX4 pictures of sticky pads in her kitchen and bathroom, covered in cockroaches.

“They are all like that, all of them. It’s sad because the place that you think is home or that you call home is no longer home to you,” she said.

Most of the families who live in Crestwood continue to live in the filth and dangerous conditions because they cannot afford to move.

T.E.H. has had the same sorts of issues at other properties. Freddie Mac is asking the court to place Southwest Crossing Apartments in St. Louis into receivership because of “deficient conditions.”

“We need someone more responsible to come in, not to say they are irresponsible, but we do need someone more responsible and someone who`s going to actually take ownership of what`s going on, and come in and actually fix these problems,” Morris said.

It should take about 10 days to appoint a receiver for Crestwood. Residents are skeptical anything will change.



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