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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Saturday, Eric Stonestreet, the Grand Marshal for the 2019 Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, happened to be in the unofficial St. Pat’s Headquarters – Browne’s Irish Market.

FOX4 will air and live stream Kansas City’s St. Patrick Day Parade on Sunday.

Stonestreet is best known for his role on the sitcom “Modern Family.”

The Piper native hopes he’s inspired others in Kansas and Missouri to pursue acting.

“I hope that everybody that is in Kansas City and thinking about taking risks and doing anything look to people like myself and others,” the K-State grad said. “I hope that’s something that they can look to something and say ‘Hey there, look man, he did it – I’m going to do it too.'”

“Or at least try to do it,” he continued. “That’s the most important thing in making the move, or taking the steps to start your career. A lot of people say, ‘I wish I did this’, or ‘that I wish I’d done that’ – you can’t worry about the end result of being on a sitcom for 11 years. Like, that might happen, it may not. But what you can control is starting – starting that process.”

Stonestreet was recently a part of another show – PBS’s Finding Your Roots.

“I’ve always identified as German and Austrian and whatever and that’s still true. My closest relative are all from that part of the world. But I have a surprising amount of Irish in my blood; never knew it. Apparently that’s not that uncommon. We all think ‘My grandma and grandpa were German, so I must be German!” The truth is there are hundreds and hundreds of people that obviously make up your genealogy. But English and Irish are way up there on the list for me.”

By the way – the next time you go by Browne’s, Stonestreet highly recommends the shortbread cookies.