Albert Wilson, former KU student convicted of rape released from prison ahead of new trial


LAWRENCE, Kan.– Albert Wilson, a former University of Kansas student, has been released from prison one week after a judge granted him a new trial.

He was released on a $100,000 bond. His only pre-trial release stipulation is he cannot post to social media.

Wilson walked out of the Douglas County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon and his family tells FOX4 he is going home to Wichita.

“I think Albert is a little overwhelmed. He knows what the case has meant, he is also respectful of the fact that there are people on the other side of this that have different perspectives, even though we disagree with them,” said one of Wilson’s attorneys, Josh Dubin.

Family, friends and supporters gathered outside the courthouse following his bond hearing and cheered as he exited the building.

“A lot of times things like this kind of go under the carpet, but we are blessed to have the support that we did to have this day,” said long-time friend and former roommate, Jonathan Shirley. “We talk on the phone, mail, things like that, but been able to physically hug him and know he can breathe fresh air like everyone else, it’s amazing.”

Wilson was convicted of rape in 2019 from an encounter with a 17-year-old girl he met at a bar near the University of Kansas campus.

He has always maintained his innocence.

Last week a judge ordered a new trial in the case, after his attorney’s argued his original attorney provided ineffective assistance of counsel.

Many people believe Wilson’s conviction was unfair because of lack of physical evidence, an all-white jury of mostly women, and alleged racial bias from a problematic prosecutor.

“Lawrence, Kansas, Topeka, Kansas City, all over who really showed up and showed support and I think that’s what really brought a lot of this together,” said supporter, Erica Demby. “Each one of us, I know have been touched in some way shape or form by the injustice system that we have to deal with on the regular basis.”

Both the prosecutors and defense attorneys say they are hoping to resolve the case without another trial.

The next court date is scheduled for May 13.

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