Albino Deer Spotted in Missouri

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — When Sugar Creek Missouri resident Michael Utt was hunting near Lake of the Ozarks last month, he was expecting to see deer. What he captured with his camera was a rare sight indeed. Utt was prepared to take home a white tail deer, but when an albino deer moved through the area he grabbed his camera, instead of his rifle.

Utt was hunting on a friend’s land and had heard of an albino deer in the area.

“I wasn’t sure I believed in them,” Utt said.

He is now a believer. The photos were taken from a distance, but the photos clearly show an all white deer.

“I decided not to shoot this deer, and hopefully we’ll get to see it again and it will have some offspring,” Utt said.

Albino deer are rare but some are spotted in Missouri each year.  At least two other cases were reported to the Missouri Department of Conversation during the November firearms deer season.  An all white deer was shot by a hunter in Ray County and the other all white deer was taken in Texas County.

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