‘All we want is a proper place to stay’: Homeless community camp gets moved out of Westport


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The homeless community in Kansas City, Missouri is speaking out after their camp in Westport was cleaned up and some people were moved earlier Sunday.

This happened after a 90-day program providing free hotel rooms for area homeless ended Thursday.

Tents, sleeping bags and dozens of houseless people could be seen at a homeless camp at Westport throughout the weekend, but Sunday night that area is clear.

“I just know some people haven’t been treated like humans and I feel like that’s a big deal,” Monique Snead, Kansas City Resident said.

Snead said Sunday morning city crews and police showed up at a homeless camp, called Camp 6ixx, with big trucks picking up their belongings and telling them they had to leave.

They were bussed to Penn Valley Park in Midtown Kansas City.

People said they feel like the city is trying to hide them.

“An officer proceeded to tell me that Mr. Mayor Lucas didn’t want us there no more,” Handy said. “He doesn’t want us seen no more. He don’t want the homeless out in public.”

The city said the homeless camps were torn down, a part of a citywide litter and tent cleanup initiative to remove trash in public right-of-way areas.

It said for any location that had houseless residents present, there was a coordinated response with social service providers.

“All we want is a proper place to stay,” said Handy. “Give us a proper place to stay and we’ll stop and get out of your way.”

Handy said everybody, even the homeless community, deserves a chance at a good life.

“Proper housing and proper shelters and proper caring for us because they’re not doing anything they’re supposed to be doing,” said Handy.

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