Alleged CenturyLink, Evergy bill dispute leaves many in eastern Jackson County without internet

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BUCKNER, Mo. — A CenturyLink internet outage is hitting customers in eastern Jackson County, and one family affected says this is a never-ending problem.

It’s been a week since Mike Meier has been able to connect to the internet from his home in Buckner. It’s a big inconvenience for Meier, who works from home for an IT company.

“That happens a fair amount of times because CenturyLink will drop out occasionally — but then it didn’t come back,” he said.

Meier said CenturyLink told him Monday that the internet hasn’t been powered because of a billing dispute between CenturyLink and Evergy.

But Evergy said it has no records of this happening.

Right now, Meier is getting some help using his phone’s hotspot to connect to the web. But he said Sprint’s service can be a little shakey sometimes, too.

“Sometimes I leave the house, and I go to McDonalds or Starbucks or something in order to get connected. But I’m running out of data,” Meier said.

For folks in eastern Jackson County, this alleged dispute couldn’t come at a worse time. Meier’s daughter, Julia, is now forced to postpone her online class finals.

“The whole reason I’m in this school is to get an edge and get done sooner. So it’s pretty annoying to not be able to do it,” Julia Meier said.

Meier said if his family could use another internet provider, they would. But living on the outskirts of Buckner, that’s not an option.

“I know if you’re going to be out here, it’s CenturyLink or nothing as far as internet goes,” Meier said.

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