Alleged intoxicated driver smashes his own car, a second car, then destroys a home

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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Police say a man driving under the influence wrecked his car,  a second car, and a house.

“My roommate says, ‘you gotta come out and see what happened!'” said Nantinee Chorbi, a neighbor, who was shocked to what she woke up to Wednesday.

“I came out and I gasped,” Chorbi said.

Police got a call about an accident near 10th and Cherokee street in Leavenworth on Wednesday at about 4 a.m.

“I heard the engine, and so I looked to my left, and I noticed he was going at a high rated speed to even come to a complete stop at the stop sign, so I started hitting my brakes,” said Lashantay Riddle, who was on her way to work traveling through that intersection where she had no stop sign.

“I tried to avoid hitting him, I knew we were going to hit, but I was trying not to make direct contact,” Riddle added.

Police say the driver, 27-year-old Tyler Johnson, blew through a stop sign.

“His vehicle was also traveling at a high speed,” said Major Dan Nicodemus, the deputy chief of Leavenworth police.

Maj. Nicodemus said after Johnson’s and Riddle’s cars collided, Johnson’s car spun into a nearby fence, then a house.

“I called 911, and got the dispatch, and I noticed he had on his reverse lights, and I told the dispatcher that he was trying to leave,” added Riddle, who said Johnson’s car stopped working, so he tried to take off on foot.

Maj. Nicodemus said he didn’t get very far.

“He was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence,” Nicodemus said.

The owner of the house rents it out. Police say luckily the woman renting it was not home at the time. Riddle said she’s thankful no one was was seriously hurt, or killed.

“If he hit the house like that, I can only imagine had I taken that impact,” said Riddle, “It could have been my life, or his, or anyone that was inside this house.”

Inspectors say this home is unsafe to live in, and it will be demolished in the upcoming weeks. Riddle said she thinks there should be stricter DUI laws, and hopes this serves as a reminder to not drive while under the influence.



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