Alligator Stops Traffic Near School

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MIAMI, Fla. -- Drivers may encounter dogs or even ducks crossing the street. But some Florida motorists were surprised to see an alligator trying to cross the road on Wednesday morning. The animal almost made it to the other side but was hit by a car.

"It's really cool because you never get to see an alligator almost everyday, so...and it just popped out of nowhere," said student Daniel Hernandez.

The nearly five foot alligator slowed down traffic in a school zone about a block away from an elementary school. Parents and kids walking to school got quite
the show as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation captured the animal.

"As we were driving we thought there was an accident because there was two or three cars," said parent Lourdes Hernandez. "It was a little scary. We didn't want them to see anything, you know, terrible. But, actually when we got right up close to it everybody starting getting excited. There was cameras, everybody was taking pictures...all the kids pointing at him, so it was really cool."

Most of the onlookers say they were surprised to see the animal on the street.

"My kid saw the alligator tail," said parent Hugo Rodriguez. "He was kind of impressed. He kinda said it was disgusting."

Officers taped the alligator's mouth shut and taped its legs before loading it into a truck and taking it away.



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