HIAWATHA, Kan. — A new twist on a recent scam is surfacing in Brown County, Kansas and Sheriff John Merchant is warning residents again, don’t be afraid to hang up.

Merchant warns the new twist includes calling people and telling them, if they hang up, Amazon will charge them $200 and Mastercard will charge them $900, according to a release.

The caller then says to avoid the charges, they must dial #1. When they press #1, an individual will try to get personal information from them, Sheriff Merchant said in a statement.

“These scammers are highly trained to glean information from you to access your financial accounts.  If you do not respond or speak with these people, your chances of becoming a victim are very slim,” Merchant said. “When in doubt, hang up.”

Earlier this month, Merchant warned residents of the scam and encouraged people to hang up and “never call them back.”

At that time, residents were being told an expensive item has been charged to their Amazon account and to press #1 for further details. Those who press #1 find themselves on the line with someone who asks for their Amazon account information.

According to Merchant, some residents have received as many as 20 calls in a day.