KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Neighbors in one Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood complain their streets are under siege — by semitrailers.

Amazon eighteen-wheelers are consistently using their tight streets. Neighbors report this change took place about a month ago when some road construction started, and Amazon drivers began using their narrow lanes as a shortcut to the Amazon Hub on Leavenworth Road.

When the trucks get stuck, they’re leaving damage in their wake.

A spokesperson for Amazon said the company is working on the trouble.

“What’s this knucklehead going to do?” one neighbor lamented, watching a huge Amazon truck attempting to navigate his area’s tiny streets.

It’s hard to blame homeowners in the area just north of Providence Medical Center for being a little cynical. The intersection at N. 91st Street and Georgia Avenue has unwittingly become a temporary truck run.

A small section of N. 91st is impassible while road work takes place. Large signs indicate the road is closed, but truckers try it anyway, as witnessed in video clips shared with FOX4.

When drivers attempt to reverse the big rigs, they’re getting stuck in yards and ditches, and running into signs, fences and utility poles.

One neighbor commented she’s seen as many as five trucks get stuck in a day, some of which require a wrecker to pull them out.

“It’s not passable. ‘Road closed’ truly means road closed,” Christy Zahnter said.

Zahnter and other neighbors who’ve lived there for decades have watched as some trucks block traffic for 15-20 minutes while truck tires leave big marks in yards and trailers collide with telephone poles. Zahnter said she’s seen truckers remove the county’s road closure signs in order to try passing through the construction area.

Neighbors complain there are wider, safer roads for truckers to use. A Wyandotte County road crew delivered an ED traffic control sign Tuesday afternoon, but Zahnter complains truckers have been known to take backroads around markers like that one.

“I’ve watched Amazon — four, five, six of them a day — go through the barricades and go all the way to the bottom of the hill before they realize there’s an excavator sitting in the middle of it,” Zahnter said.

“It’s just destructive. They’ll go and move the road closed signs because they can’t swing around them and then, they screw up and go down the hill,” Ken Davidson, another neighbor, said.

Neighbors complain there’s already enough traffic there when boaters head for nearby Wyandotte County Lake. Davidson and Zahnter worry that something really bad will happen — since this road is home to a couple of churches and an elementary school — with families who walk their kids to and from classes.

An Amazon spokesperson told FOX4 the company is working to re-route drivers, but didn’t respond to follow-up questions asking when neighbors could expect to see the changes.

“Even when they open up the street, it’s not going to end well,” Zahnter complained. “You add the lake traffic, the semis and the school. It’s not going to end well.”

FOX4 also reached out to the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, but request for comment weren’t answered on Tuesday.