American Airlines tests new boarding procedure

american airlines

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you want to feel like a First Class passenger without paying for the hefty price tag, it could soon be coming to an airport near you if American Airlines has its way.

The airline is testing out a new boarding process that would allow you to get ahead of other passengers regardless of where your row is — that is, if you travel light.

Under the trial, people who don’t have carry-on bags can board after First Class passengers. American said purses and laptop bags are not included as carry-on luggage in the program.

While it might be great for the flier, it could be a money maker for American, one of many airlines who charge customers extra money to check luggage. On the flip side, it could generally speed up the sometimes tedious boarding process.

The pilot program is currently happening at select airports. There’s no word if, or when, it could come to Kansas City, or if American will end up adapting the program to everyone.



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