America’s Deadliest Sniper Claims 255 Kills


“American Sniper,” book by Chris Kyle

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DALLAS — He’s the deadliest sniper in U.S. history, having killed 255 people — 160 of those confirmed by the Pentagon. Retired Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and Texas native, spent four tours in Iraq where enemy combatants nicknamed him ‘The Devil of Ramadi.’ His comrades called him ‘The Legend.’

Kyle admits he hesitated before pulling the trigger the first time he had a target in the crosshairs of his long-range rifle. It was a woman with a hand grenade walking toward a group of Marines. He eventually took the shot, killing the woman and saving his fellow Americans.

Kyle’s most legendary shot came in 2008. He spotted an insurgent outside Sadr City with a rocket launcher near an Army convoy. Kyle was 1.2 miles away when he fired the shot that killed the insurgent. But Kyle has been on the receiving end of a bullet too. He was shot twice and was in six different IED explosions.

Throughout his 10-year career in the Navy, Kyle received three Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor. Kyle has since written a book about his career as America’s deadliest sniper, aptly called “American Sniper.” Harper Collins released it on Tuesday.



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