Amid slow rollout, some local health providers say they’re already running out of COVID-19 vaccine


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — COVID-19 vaccine distribution has been a slow process, and some local health care providers say they’re running out doses. 

“Yeah, we’re down to just a final little bit. We’ve got a couple other clinics we’re working with to bring them in,” said Patrick Salle, CEO of Vibrant Health KC.

As of Thursday, over 21 million doses of the COVID vaccine had been shipped to states. According to the CDC, only about 6 million doses have been administered.

Salle said they’re hopeful that more doses are on the way but unsure when they’ll receive them.

“We are hearing that we should get a next round of doses next week, but I haven’t seen that in writing yet,” Salle said.

Kansas and Missouri have reportedly used less than 30% of the vaccines they have received.

According to the New York Times, as of Thursday, Missouri has only vaccinated 1.8% of the population. They’ve received over 401,000 doses, but have administered around 113,000 doses.

Kansas has only vaccinated 1.3% of the population. They’ve received over 191,000 doses and have administered around 45,000 doses according to Gov. Laura Kelly.

At the current rate, it would take the U.S. over seven years to deliver the two required COVID vaccine doses to all Americans.

Although distribution has been a slow process, front line workers, like Kansas City fire personnel, say they’re just happy that it’s here. 

“Anything we can do to increase our survivability on a day-in and day-out basis is good for us.” firefighter Terry Godfrey said.

The Kansas City Fire Department was elevated into the first-tier to receive the COVID vaccine after losing several of their personnel to the virus in 2020.

FOX4 reached out to both Kansas and Missouri’s state health departments to find out when the next shipments will go out, but we have not yet heard a response. 



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