An Open Letter to Kansas City, from BuzzFeed Sports

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “Is this real life? Is this actually happening?” BuzzFeed asks in an online article that outlines all the wonderful things they’re just discovering (but we home-towners have known all along) about Kansas City.

“What did you do to get a team like this?
What did you do to get an outfield as freaking talented as this one?
What did you do to get a bullpen as dominant as this one?” they ask.

And as they wrap it up,…. it’s obvious that Kansas City has a lot of outsiders cheering us on.

Click here for the Buzzfeed report titled: An Open Letter to Kansas City

World Series Schedule (on FOX 4)
Home Field advantage: American League

Game 1
Tuesday, Oct. 21- Kansas City

Game 2
Wednesday, Oct 22- Kansas City

Game 3
Friday, Oct. 24- San Francisco

Game 4
Saturday, Oct. 25- San Francisco

*Game 5
Sunday, Oct. 26- San Francisco

*Game 6
Tuesday, Oct 28- Kansas City

*Game 7
Wednesday, Oct. 29- Kansas City

* If needed




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