Animal advocates picket at Arrowhead against Chiefs coaching intern Michael Vick

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Animal lovers are still taking issue with the Kansas City Chiefs’ decision to bring Michael Vick on as a coaching intern. A large group gathered and chanted loud and proud outside of Arrowhead Stadium Wednesday night.

While the group is against Vick being Kansas City, there’s at least one petition saying Vick deserves a second chance.

Colorful signs and chanting are not at all unfamiliar sights and sounds outside of Arrowhead. However, Wednesday night in lot C it all took on a new meaning. The group of animal lovers and advocate gathered because they believe the Chiefs’ decision to bring  Vick along as a coaching intern was a poor one.

“I was upset because I am a die-hard Chiefs fan. I love them and I was really looking forward to going to football this season and I just can’t support something like this,” said Amanda Simoniello.

Convicted on federal charges in 2007 for his role in a dog fighting ring, Vick drew a huge amount of disfavor and criticism from the animal rights community. Despite time served, restitution and subsequent work with animal rights groups some say Vick deserves “no” forgiveness.

“There’s no amount of money for time served that could ever make up for what he has actually done to these poor animals,” said Simoniello.

Not everyone agrees. An online petition “Tell Chiefs Yes To Michael Vick” is asking he be given a second chance, citing the second chance given to a Chiefs player previously linked to domestic assault.

“Everyone says there’s a lot of players who beat their wives. There’s physical human abuse going on in the NFL, but those humans can also defend themselves. They can go to court, they can press charges they can get help. Animals don’t really have the option to do that,” said Simoniello.

Some of the protesters say despite being lifelong Chiefs fan, they won’t come to games here as long as Vick remains connected to the team.

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