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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cars piled up and circled around the entrance to Union Station Sunday night as drivers did donuts on snow-packed streets until police arrived.

Video taken from a nearby building shows dozens of cars parked in a haphazard ring while some slipped and slid in the middle. The activity happened after the Chiefs loss in Super Bowl LV and blocked through traffic on Pershing Road.

There wasn’t much rubber burned this time around, but the sideshow was still dangerous nonetheless. The shows are illegal because of the threat and disruption it creates for the public.

Sideshows came to the front of public scrutiny this past summer. The illicit events have caused excessive noise, property damage and some violence. A 19-year-old was killed at a sideshow in September.

You may remember that drivers have staged similar exhibitions all season long, usually on Sunday nights. FOX4 has been told that police were supposed to crack down on this sort of reckless driving.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said last December that the city is working on legislation specifically targeting sideshows. He said these laws would focus on the cars involved. They would not be used to track down people. It’s unclear how this legislation has progressed.

Police did finally show up Sunday night. However, with sirens blaring and traffic jammed, video shows many of the drivers leaving the scene without any trouble.