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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royals postseason is officially here, which means metro bars and restaurants are preparing for some epic postseason parties.

The Power and Light District has earned the reputation for being one of the best places to party in the postseason and this week will be no exception.

The entertainment district is expecting record crowds this year at its bars and restaurants during and after game time. Each business will have extra staffing and security on hand to make sure everyone stays safe.

The game will be played on the big screen in the middle area known as the “living room,” while places like McFadden’s, Johnny’s Tavern and Pizza Bar are brainstorming possible Royals drinks and food specials.

“Everyone’s going to be down here once again,” said Ryan Haynes, a bartender at Pizza Bar. “We’re going to have a big party, hopefully do it even bigger than last year because I think this time, we have the best chance of going all the way.”

You can also expect surprise giveaways and concerts, according to Power and Light District’s operations executive, Mark Musselman.

“Obviously we want to host the city,” he said. “We want this to be about the team, and Kansas City as a whole because we know how much pride the city has in this team right now and we want to give them a great place to watch.”