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GLADSTONE, Mo. — A group of students at Antioch Middle School have published a book to teach kids about diversity through art.

“Lots and Lots and Lots of Spots” was written by Brooklyn Hooper and illustrated by art teacher Mark Anderson’s class.

Instead of writing the book first, the students began creating designs.

“Unlike what you might think with most book projects, which starts out with a story and then we illustrate that story we began simply with playing with color and with shapes and with the simplest form that I can think of, which is spots and dots,” said Anderson.

When the book was illustrated, Hooper won a contest to write the book.

“I just asked my Mom for an idea and she said just write about like a family so and I also wanted to write about diversity of like the colors so I took a family and diversity and put it in one,” she said.

The book will be distributed to elementary schools throughout the North Kansas City School District.