Army examines North Kansas City firm’s technology to boost recruiting

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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The leader of U.S. Army’s recruiting command is looking at how virtual reality systems made by a metro company can help boost military recruiting.

For the first time since 2005, the Army failed to meet its recruiting goals in 2018. And the service is recognizing that it need to use platforms young people already are on to reach them.

Major General Frank Muth believes virtual reality systems likes the one set up by OmniLife VR can help Army recruiters show teens what it’s like to be a soldier in a realistic way.

OmniLife started out catering to gamers, but now provides immersive experiences in hospitals, retirements centers and schools where it helps people learn faster, remember longer and make better decisions.

“I believe that e-sports is gaining a lot of ground,” said Marco Stanich, OmniLife VR president. “Virtual reality is the next step in e-sports because there’s total immersion. You are totally in that world. The youth of America today, around the world, are starting to embrace that. That’s the future of e-sports.”

The Army believes there are a lot misconceptions out there about what’s it’s like to be in the service. Among them: that you can’t have a dog, or you can’t own a car. By showing teens a virtual environment where they already play games like Call of Duty, they can reach those who may recognize a career opportunity in the Army.

OmniLife seeks to make Kansas City a hub for virtual reality development. Getting a contract to supply systems to the Army would help this firm develop homegrown virtual reality developers.

To learn more about career opportunities in the U.S. Army call (816) 795-0158.

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