As air travel resumes for many Kansas Citians, experts offer tips to protect your wallet


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some are calling it “revenge travel.”

Despite warnings and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently vaccinated Kansas City area residents are eager are to fly the friendly skies once again.

For Pat Salvatore, it’s been a long time coming. FOX4 spoke with Salvatore as she waited to board a plane for her daughter’s wedding in Arizona this weekend.

“She was set to get married a year ago, and then we had to cancel and reschedule for this April,” Salvatore said. “We were thinking, ‘Oh things will be totally normal (by now),’ and so, here we are.”

Salvatore and her husband have been vaccinated and feel thrilled to resume travel for leisure again.

“It just feels like my life right? Traveling to an event or something that I want to do,” she said.

Salvatore represents a growing trend in the metro, according to travel experts. Another trend experts are noticing: a renewed reliance on professional assistance from travel agents.

“This year we are seeing an influx of people that don’t normally use a travel agent that are reaching out,” said JoAnne Weeks with Acendas Travel.

After a year of canceled vacations and rescheduled weddings, Weeks said it stands to reason that travelers would want to have a professional in their corner.

“I would say the one thing that I learned: Don’t ever book at a nonrefundable hotel,” Weeks said.

Also, investing in travel insurance can pay major dividends, financially and psychologically.

“You wouldn’t just go and purchase a car for $10,000 and buy it online and go pick it up for your kid and go,” Weeks said. “You would do research.”

Experts also point out, if you haven’t been to an airport since before the pandemic began, you may want to prepare yourself for a contactless experience.

“Delta is experimenting up in Detroit with basically, from the curbside to the gate, a no-contact check in process,” said Brent Blake, president of Acendas Travel.

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