As COVID-19 cases rise in the metro, many school districts turn to online learning


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A private school in Johnson County, Kansas has canceled class leading up to the holiday as the number of coronavirus cases rise and school districts across the metro turn from in-person to online learning.

The Lee’s Summit School District will move to online classes once again.

“I’m not as disappointed as I was when I found out at the beginning of the year,” 8th Grader Keeley Savage said.

Keeley is spending the majority of her 8th Grade year outside the walls of Bernard Campbell Middle School.

She feels like she now has a better handle on the virtual learning, but said it’s still not ideal.

“It’s upsetting, but I figured it was going to happen,” Keeley said.

In October, Lee’s Summit middle and high schoolers moved from online learning to in person two days a week.

That changes Monday, Nov. 23 when all students are learning at home until January.

Parents tell FOX4 they are having to scramble to find child care for some of the district’s youngest students — an age group that has yet to learn virtually this year.

“For these parents who are constantly fighting to get our kids in school, especially kindergarten through third grade when these parents are pretty much having to leave their job to stay and be a full time teacher, you know, I couldn’t imagine that,” mom Kim Savage said. “Having to try to juggle my job on top of trying to teach my kid.”

In the Park Hill School District all students will move to remote learning Nov. 30th.

On the Kansas side, Shawnee mission Middle and high schoolers also start online Nov. 30.

Heritage Christian Academy in Johnson County is canceling class all together Monday and Tuesday, as they head into Thanksgiving Break. Then, students are set to go back in-person Dec. 1, 2020.

This due to an increase in COVID-19 cases — 15 out of 635 students tested positive, according to HCA.

Some parents said they’re happy schools are taking extra precautions to stop the spread.

Savage said that’s fine if others don’t want to be in person, but her family in Lee’s Summit would appreciate the choice to attend school at the school.

“I feel for anybody who is having to deal with this right now. It’s just very frustrating,” Savage said. “You’ve got a lot of parents who want their kids in and then those who don’t – I just wish they would give us that choice. “

Right now, Lee’s Summit students in high school and middle school are set to be back in-person Jan. 25, 2021.




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