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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Construction is causing problems on a busy Wyandotte County street.

But the issue for neighbors isn’t loud trucks or jackhammers. It’s drivers tracking through their yards to get around the road closure.

One man made his own detour through a neighbor’s yard, and it was all caught on camera.

A once quiet private drive now fields a lot of traffic. Sarah Hagemaster has seen hundreds of cars hit the brakes close to her home since Friday.

“About one every 5 or 10 minutes,” Hagemaster said.

Due to construction and rain, the bridge at 70th Street and Leavenworth Road isn’t safe right now. So the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, issued an emergency closure, shutting down that portion for two weeks.

But neighbors said people disregard the signs, day and night. They wake up to headlights shining through their windows.

“Ever since then, we’ve had people try to come down our one-way, dead-end streets,” Hagemaster said.

There are plenty of warnings leading up to the construction.

Signs start at 81st Street. Further down Leavenworth Road, barricades begin blocking traffic at 71 Street. Finally, they end up at 70th and Leavenworth where the only option is to turn around.

Hagemaster said people use her private drive.

“It’s frustrating,” Hagemaster said. “I’m a mom of five; my neighbor has four kids as well. We let our kids run, our kids run from here as far as you can see. And we can’t let them do that because we’re afraid they’re going to get hit now.”

Security camera footage shows a Tahoe making his own detour.

Hagemaster said the driver sped down her gravel road, then attempted to go through the field, which is private property.

“He just immediately just whipped it right, went straight in and as soon as he as he hit that mud, he sunk,” Hagemaster said.

Three people got out of the car and took off running.

“It had stolen plates. It was full of stolen tools,” Hagemaster said.

Some neighbors are left with property damage — and footing the bill.

Hagemaster wants the trespassing to stop, at least for their own safety.

“It’s a huge safety concern. I don’t know what these people are thinking,” Hagemaster said. “If the road’s closed, it’s closed for a reason.”

The Unified Government told FOX4: “Drivers should slow down, pay attention, and follow posted detour signs so that local families are not further disrupted.”

A spokesperson with KCK Police said the people who took off running are also suspected in a number of other thefts in the area. If you know anything about this, they ask you to give them a call.