As her home falls apart, furious Kansas City woman plans to file lien on neighbor’s home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman told FOX4 she's tired of playing games with her neighbor who she says has been dodging her calls since June.

"Woman up and take care of your responsibilities," Latrese Burnett said. "Your sewer line has been broken. You've been cited for it, but you refuse to handle your business."

Connie Hines rents her property out to tenants, but city records show she has been cited several times for broken sewer pipes and the mess they leaves behind.

"Anytime there are people in that house, all their sewer ends up on my property," Burnett said. "And now it has completely shifted the foundation of my home."

Burnett told FOX4 she has been dealing with this issue for years but her neighbor and childhood friend has made it clear she has no intention of fixing her pipes.

"I can literally see my house shifting, walls cracked, floors coming up," she said. "I feel like I'm being held hostage in my own home."

FOX4 first covered the story last month and found that the city had closed the case for the individual citations issued to Hines -- before the problem was resolved. After the story aired, a new citation was written.

"That's not going to stop my house from caving in," Burnett said in response to the new citation.

Burnett told FOX4 she will file a lien against Hines' property Tuesday morning. A lien gives someone the right to put a hold on property belonging to someone else until that person pays a debt.

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