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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The KC region delivered its proposal for Amazon HQ2 to the company’s Seattle, Wash., headquarters Thursday afternoon, but where the city plans to put the proposed headquarters has yet to be released.

In a news released from Think KC, the spokesperson said due to a required non-disclosure agreement, no additional details of the proposal can be made public.

More than 200 private sector leaders joined forces with many state, county and local community partners to provide crucial input, lend their expertise and contribute significant value throughout the proposal process.

“The KC region came together at an unprecedented scale of regional cooperation to present a proposal representing two states, 18 counties, and many communities from across the metro area,” Think KC spokesperson Ashlie Hand said in a news release.

Leaders from around the Kansas City region issued the following statements regarding the proposal:

Kansas  Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer

“We have been preparing for an opportunity like Amazon’s HQ2 for a generation. We want to create with Amazon the most prosperous and livable region in North America, right here in the heart of it. The Kansas City region recognizes the importance of redefining the workforce of the future through top notch education. We are building Amazon’s next generation of pioneers to be both skilled and empowered and we’re excited to redefine the next generation of talent with Amazon.”

KCK Mayor Mark Holland

“Kansas City, Kansas has an unparalleled track record of bringing big projects to our community. From Google Fiber to Cerner, and even the National Soccer Training Center, we are a city that is proud of our business friendly, can-do attitude. We are happy to join forces with our regional partners to highlight our area’s advantages to Amazon.”

KCMO Mayor Sly James

“I believe Kansas City is competitive with any city in the world. I’m extremely proud of the bid produced by our team and how this entire community has embraced this unique opportunity to showcase Kansas City’s creativity, its people and it’s potential.”

Chairman Ed Eilert, Johnson County Commission

“Upon arriving in Kansas City, Amazon would quickly learn what many of us who came here have known for years — this is a region of smart, hard-working individuals committed to providing opportunities for everyone to grow and prosper. Amazon’s second headquarters would be well-placed in the Heartland, with access to an excellent workforce, a lower cost of living, world-class schools, parks and libraries, and a vibrant regional culture. Johnson County would proudly welcome Amazon to the metro.”

Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland

“This area is simply a great place to do business. The climate has cultivated world-class start-up businesses and nurtured corporate giants, and it’s been a source of support and stability for everything in between. It fosters risk-taking and innovation, and it’s fueled by a work force with strong values, a tremendous work ethic, loyalty, and commitment. So many people have moved here from across the country to work in our many leading companies, but you would be hard pressed to find any who ever want to leave.”

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr.

“Jackson County is fully supportive of this collaborative and creative regional effort to be the new home of Amazon’s second headquarters. We are excited about the opportunity to advance to the next round of evaluation of the HQ2 project. The Kansas City region is ripe for economic growth and we applaud the aggressive campaign to make our case known as we move forward as one.”

Lee’s Summit Mayor Randall Rhoads

“Lee’s Summit is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Missouri, offering a collaborative, ‘can-do’ business environment that is on target to attract $2 billion in public and private investment over three years. Thanks to the Missouri Innovation Campus and an educational ecosystem that serves as a global model for excellence, Lee’s Summit is building the workforce of the future right here in the Heartland. We look forward to sharing our time, talent and treasure with Amazon.”

Independence Mayor Eileen Weir

“It’s exciting to work with visionary leaders across our region to compete for Amazon HQ2. Independence is proud to contribute our ideas, expertise, and assets to the proposal, and to be a part of a community that truly understands the power of collaboration.”

VML Global CEO Jon Cook

“A collaborative effort of this magnitude is only possible with an immense level of trust. It is a core value of Amazon’s, and of the KC region. VML was honored to be involved in such a significant opportunity for our home town.”

Tim Cowden, president and CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council 

“Our KC region has never seen an economic development opportunity of this magnitude that is so publicly visible, requiring the amount of information in the time frame that Amazon requested, and the level of community engagement and response that we needed for this opportunity. I am so proud of our OneKC team. This project has proven we have the ability to come together and tell a comprehensive KC story that sets our region apart from all others across North America.”

In addition to Kansas City’s bid, Missouri also submitted its own separate bid featuring a unique idea for a headquarters that would span from KC to STL.

Mo. Governor Eric Greitens says Missouri is a “home for doers–people who deliver results.”

Key in the overall Missouri plan is the evolution and innovation of communications technology and ground transportation, relying on ideas like Hyperloop, which could one day make it easy for someone to commute from St. Louis to Kansas City in 24 minutes instead of four hours. The state of Missouri is already a finalist for a Hyperloop feasibility study.

“Amazon explicitly says in the RFP that they are taking a 10-15-20 year perspective. This is not something that is what is the world of the next 18 months, this is the world of next 18 years, ” Erdmann said. “We, the state of Missouri, are challenging Amazon to think more boldly than their original proposal. If they expand their view, they’ll see the potential and the logic of what we’re talking about.”

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