As new LED light display goes up atop Overland Park building, developers hoping for city approval

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — City Place developers are trying to get approval for an architectural lighting display.

Construction at the WellSky building at College and 69 Highway finished last month. Along with the standard building features, there’s also a light display on the top of the building.

Developers held a demonstration of the display Tuesday night to show Overland Park officials and residents what it’s all about.

The display is a painting by a local artist, translated into an LED light show.

Right now, there are not any city codes or ordinances to regulate the usage of architectural and digital lights.

The real estate developer, Kenneth Block, said it’s not signage, it’s not a billboard and they’re not advertising anything. They just want to add public art to Overland Park’s landscape.

“For us, it’s about creating buildings that are more than a place where you just go to work every day,” Block said. “We’re trying to create an ability to have people come to our building feel like they’re someplace special.”

“So in our case, we’re trying to bring art to everyone.”

A spokesperson for the City of Overland Park told FOX4 they’re going to discuss codes and ordinances related to the light display on the building at a meeting on Sept. 9.



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