As river crests in Carrollton, flooding forces 350 people to evacuate their homes

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CARROLLTON, Mo. — The flooding situation in Carrollton is not good.

The river levels have been climbing all week, reaching a crest of more than 31 feet Tuesday night. The flood stage there is 20 feet. Four different levee failures in Carroll County created this situation.

As a result, right now, 150 homes in Carrollton have been evacuated, and almost every state highway in and out of town is covered in water.

On Monday night, the floodwater going over the railroad tracks in town amounted to just a steady leak. By Tuesday night, the water had easily topped the tracks and was rushing onto Main Street.

“That water is just filling in any little area that it can, and eventually it goes higher,” Darla Staton said.

Officials have closed the south end of Carrollton except to people who own businesses near the floodwaters.

Staton and her husband own a warehouse in Carrollton with equipment for several different businesses. On Tuesday night, they were racing against the clock and the rising waters to save what they can.

“You always hope for no life loss by any means, and you hope people are safe,” Staton said. “We just have to hope for the best.”

She and her husband tracked the floodwater near their business all day Tuesday, but the results weren’t been good. The water kept rising closer to their property.

People in Carrollton fear this year’s flooding could come close to the devastation many remember from the flood of 1993.

“In ’93 it was 4 feet high here. They’re saying it could be higher,” Staton said. “So we’re trying to raise things up as much as we can.”

If there’s any good news it’s this: Carroll County commissioners believe the floodwaters have crested, and they’re hoping the water will start to go down, slowly, starting Wednesday.

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