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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’ve been longing for warmer weather in the metro for months. It’s finally here, but unfortunately, that means allergy season is here as well.

Metro allergists say it’s going to be a rough season. Children’s Mercy puts out a daily allergy report. Right now, the pollen count is almost 130. According to Dr. Jay Portnoy, an Allergist at Children’s Mercy Hospital said people with allergies will experience symptoms with a count of 15 or higher.

“Normally the allergy season starts in February and lasts though May,” Portnoy said. “This year it`s been condensed because of the cold weather everything has been held back. “Now the pollen is starting to go crazy and it’s all going to be on giant intense season.”

Portnoy says right now, there’s a lot of tree pollen and pollination will continue over the next few weeks. Mold won’t be a problem for a few months, but Juniper and Elm pollen are already wildly active.

“So people who have allergies need to be aware of the fact that their pollen allergies are likely to get much worse now,” Potnoy said.

To ease annoying allergies, Portnoy said you can use OTC pills, nasal sprays and eye drops. He warns people against using a nasal decongestant. If those don’t work, that’s when you should see an allergist for further testing and a more thorough treatment plan.

“There’s no reason why people who have nasal allergies should suffer,” Portnoy said. “Treatment is really excellent. Diagnosis is not that difficult. I recommend that you get tested and get treated.”