Teacher assaulted by student in special education program at Blue Valley Service Center

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A teacher was injured after being assaulted by a student in a special education program at the Blue Valley Service Center on Monday.

Johnson County Fire said they received a call that one person was assaulted shortly before 10 a.m. at the facility.

Blue Valley school district said in a news release that the incident occurred in a special education program that serves elementary students.

“A student became agitated and acted out, resulting in injuries to the teacher. At no time were other students in any danger,” the statement reads.

Police said the teacher who was injured heard commotion in a classroom as she was walking by. She went inside and was trying to assist a teacher getting a male student under control when he stabbed her hand with a pencil.

Staff members intervened to ensure both student and staff safety. Emergency personnel were also called to assist with the situation.

Police said when they get called to this type of situation, they send Crisis Intervention Training officers (CITs), who are trained in dealing with situations involving individuals with special needs.

Most officers go through this type training, but CITs go through at least 40 additional hours of CIT training. School resource officers and community officers all have advanced training.

Johnson County Fire dispatch said the teacher’s injuries were considered minor. The teacher was reportedly taken to KU Hospital. Police said she’s already been released.



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