Attorney Ben Crump speaks about civil rights work at Metropolitan Community College


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At a young age, Ben Crump realized the disparities he had as a Black person and the struggles people of color faced.

He was inspired by civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall, who dismantled segregation and became the nation’s first U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

“I made a decision when I grew up I’m going to be like Thurgood Marshall and fight to make things better in my community,” Crump said.

Crump took his passion for equality and has used it to bring justice in many wrongful death lawsuits involving police brutality.

A notable case he represented was that of George Floyd. He told FOX4 he was mortified when he saw the video of an officer on top of Floyd.

Crump said when Floyd’s family reached out he knew he wanted to help bring justice for them.

“When you look at that video, the one thing you conclude that not only did those officers deny him any consideration,” he said. “They denied him any professionalism but worst of all they denied him humanity.”

Crump has also represented families of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor and Daunte Wright, all killed at the hands of police.

FOX4 asked Crump whether he thinks there is racism and misconduct within the Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri police departments.

“Here in Kansas City we saw the conviction of the police officer who killed Cameron Lamb, so I think what it signifies to us is we are trying to reach those principal foundations of America that every citizen is due liberty and justice,” he said.

Crump said his prayer is to one day dismantle his law firm’s police brutality division.

“We want it to be prevented that we have no more George Floyds, where we have no more Cameron Lambs,” he said.

Until then, Crump plans on continuing to represent Black voices who have been silenced.

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