KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Attorneys for a Kansas City man convicted of murder have filed filed a legal response, one day after the office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a motion against Keith Carnes‘ immediate release.

Carnes has spent nearly 20 years in prison for a murder he has always said he didn’t commit.

“Notably in their response, they didn’t argue that the Supreme Court does not have the power to release Keith pending the resolution of the case. That was the most important thing. Another thing was, they did not reference the witness, who the master found to be a credible witness,” said Attorney for Keith Carnes, Taylor Rickard.

Carnes’ legal team filed the response Tuesday afternoon.

Their response states, “The State’s Suggestions in Opposition are mostly an attack on the findings of fact and reasoning in the Master’s report.”

In-light-of the special master’s report, his attorneys believe Carnes will be exonerated.

Convicted solely on a now recanted statement by an eyewitness, they say there is no evidence connection Carnes to the crime scene.

Carnes is serving life in prison for the murder of Larry White.

His attorneys hope he can be released, pending remainder of the case.

“If this takes as long as it potentially could, we could be looking at a September 2022 date before Keith could, before we could get a deposition in this case. Keith could be sitting in prison for months and months until we get through all the remainder of proceedings of the Supreme Court,” Rickard said.

Last week, FOX4 spoke to his mother, Eve Moffett, who says she is leaving up her Christmas tree and decorations in hopes of her son’s return home.

“I just want to get on, I just want them to let Keith go. I wrote him this morning. I told him to keep the faith and stay strong. I’m very hopeful,” wrote Eve Moffett, Keith’s mother.

Attorneys for Carnes say he is staying ‘strong and patient’ throughout this lengthy process.

“Just the nature of post-conviction appeals, we are used to things being an uphill battle, so finally making some progress and seeing our hard work pay-off is a really good feeling and I’m really excited for Keith,” Rickard said.

The Missouri Supreme Court will rule on the motion for Carnes’ release.