Australian news anchor berates colleague over top in viral video

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Never wear white after Labor Day or, if you’re an Australian newscaster, on the same day that your co-worker is. Nine Network’s Julie Snook found this out the hard way when she was verbally attacked while the cameras were rolling (but before they went on the air) by colleague Amber Sherlock after both women showed up for their segment donning white outfits.

A third white-wearer, psychologist Sandy Rea, also appears in the clip, which went viral after someone leaked it both internally and also to the Mumbrella website, which aired the footage this week.

Sherlock was on Friday to be hauled before the network’s national news director, as well as HR, and the network is also trying to figure out how to penalize the person who circulated the video internally (it still doesn’t know who passed it to Mumbrella), reports.

In the clip, Sherlock berates Snook for her attire, demanding she put on a jacket and telling her she told her not to wear white “two hours ago.” Snook remains calm, saying she’ll put on a jacket (she did), but noting she “genuinely forgot” about Sherlock’s request, that she’s technically wearing blue, and that Sherlock should chill out.

“Amber, please, this is not the only thing I’m doing today,” she says in exasperation. After the video got around, the hashtag #putyourblazersonforjulie popped up on social media, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Meanwhile, both women have responded to the dust-up via statements to 9Honey, with Sherlock saying she probably “overreacted” and that “live TV can be a pretty stressful beast.” Snook, for her part, joked, “Amber and I just really love white!” before adding they’re actually “good friends.” (That time a news anchor couldn’t take the Kardashians anymore.)

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