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CASS COUNTY, Mo. — Authorities confirmed on Wednesday night that one set of skeletal remains is the body of missing woman Jessica Runions. Kansas City police are now investigating her case as a homicide.

Meanwhile, Kara Kopetsky’s family still waits for news.

“The police department came here and visited us, and told us that the other skull, there has not been able to be any positive identification made, it’s got to go to an outside lab because it was not a complete skull. The time-frame we were actually given was, it could take up to a year,” Rhonda Beckford, Kopetsky’s mom, told reporters.

Runions was last seen last September. While the wait for her to be found is over, Beckford and the rest of Kopetsky’s family still waits to hear if the other remains found are her daughter.

Beckford said she was there to comfort Runions` mom on Wednesday night when she got the confirmation. She says the two of them will continue to work as a team, because she knows this identification is just the beginning for Runions family, as her wait continues.

She believes that no matter how long the identification may take to make, that the second remains belong to her daughter.

“We’ve been waiting for almost 10 years, and the waiting is the hardest part. And I’m just gonna come out and tell you right here and now, in my heart of hearts, I believe it’s Kara. Everybody always said that when he took Jessica, that they felt when they found one they would find both,” Beckford said.

The “he” Beckford is referring to is Kylr Yust, who is charged in Jackson County with knowingly burning Runions’ SUV, he’s up for trial in that case in October. Yust was Kopetsky’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, and while he was the primary suspect, he was never charged in her disappearance.

There`s another search planned Thursday in the area where both sets of remains were found. As many as 100 investigators will scour the area. Authorities have also planned a news conference tomorrow where more information about the investigation may be revealed.