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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Highway Patrol and Capitol Police are investigating after someone put stickers resembling gun targets near the office doors of at least five state lawmakers.

The round, orange stickers with crosshairs were found near the doors of five Democratic state senators. Investigators have taken the brass nameplates as evidence.

The intent of the stickers is not immediately clear, but on Wednesday lawmakers took a break from a health insurance debate to condemn the stickers, calling them a threat to their safety.

Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer, a Republican from Dexter, vowed that senators would seek punishment for whoever was responsible for “this horrible conduct,” the Associated Press reports.

“If anyone thinks this was a prank, it’s not a prank,” said Sen. Jolie Justus, a Democrat from Kansas City and a target of one of the stickers, to the Associated Press. “You don’t joke about someone’s personal safety.”

“I know all of us as individual senators are staying alert and making smart decisions, but we also know we need to go about business as usual here in the capitol,” Justus said.

Authorities say that there are no suspects at this time.