As leaves fall with a vengeance, Kansas City residents look ahead to added pick-up day


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Nice skies around Kansas City but the ground below it is a bit of a mess.

It’s extremely likely that if you have not obsessively been tending your yard, a blanket of leaves is now smothering your grass which is need of a good raking.

People living in the southern parts of Kansas City have curbside debris and leaf pick-up this week, so there’s a scurry to get all yard waste bagged up. But what people may not know is that the city actually added another round of pick-ups – and you will probably need it.

Sisyphus of the front yard, Susan McCarthy took to raking yet again on Wednesday.

“I got out earlier this week and I picked up most of those bags and then I thought today when I looked out,” McCarthy said, laughing. “I had it looking good yesterday.”

She lives below a 40-bag tree, an old growth oak throwing down so many leaves that it feels wrong not to help.

“So what is the strategy in your yard here?” FOX4’s Jacob Kittilstad asked.

“Well, I’ll tell you, I was kind of going along and pulling out the leaves that have kind of wedged in there,” McCarthy said.

“And Snowy’s your helper?” Jake asked, pointing at a small white dog wearing a sweater.

“Snowy. He’s a big help. He just sits there and looks cute,” McCarthy said.

The yard work runs on a timer. It is less than 24 hours until leaf and brush curbside collection in this neighborhood. But this year it’s not the only pick-up.

Kansas City has added an extra leaf and brush pick-up day in December for all the extra yard waste. Like every other time, your December date coincides with the day your trash is picked up.

  • North: Nov. 29 – Dec. 3; Dec. 20 – 24
    (Northern city limits to the Missouri River)
  • Central: Nov. 1 – 5; Dec. 6 – 10
    (Missouri River to 63rd St., between State Line Road and Blue Ridge Cutoff_
  • South: Nov. 15 – 19; Dec. 13 – 17
    (63rd St. to southern city limits)

John Hiatt said, through our conversation, he learned about the second round of pick-ups happening in December, which the city added after noticing most of the leaves hadn’t yet fallen.

“And if they don’t have the extra pickup then it comes on the homeowner to try to figure out how to dispose of the leaves if they don’t have a side service as well,” Hiatt said, also raking his front yard.

Hiatt lives in the house he bought from his grandparents and rakes leaves from the same trees his grandparents did.

Meanwhile, McCarthy said raking is like a meditative practice.

“And I wasn’t really sure what day they were picking up. But since my neighbors put theirs out earlier this week I just thought ‘Oh I don’t want to miss that,'” McCarthy said.

So why are the leaves dropping later? There’s some speculation from the city that it’s because it’s was pretty warm into October. But others argue the pick-up dates have never been late enough.

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