LIBERTY, Mo. — This Mother’s Day is a little extra special for one Kansas City-area hospital. Nearly a dozen labor and delivery nurses are expecting, themselves.

There’s a baby boom at Liberty Hospital. Eleven women on staff in the birthing center are pregnant.

“Your mom’s lucky, you’re a sweetheart,” Dr. Anna Gorman said.

Newborn babies on this side of the hospital – another everyday blessing, but eleven baby bumps among nurses and doctors is an absolute miracle.

“We were slowly hearing about one person and then another and then another,” Christen Burns said, “and then of course I told everybody.”

Ten labor and delivery nurses and one doctor are all expecting between May and November of this year.

“They always do things in groups, but we’ve never had 10 at the same time,” Birthing Center Director Nicki Kolling said. “So, it’s been fun.”

Kolling said staffing will be interesting, but they’ll make it work.

Alex Atcheson and Alison Harrell are in the lead, both at 37 weeks.

“Exact same due date, potentially the same birthday,” Atcheson said.

Harrell said it’s been fun relating to their patients.

“They’re telling you their struggle and you’re like, okay yeah, I’m going through the exact same thing, right there with you,” Harrell said. “I’m running to the bathroom every five minutes.”

“It’s definitely been supportive, and just wonderful to get to have this connection with each other,” Atcheson said.

They’re both pregnant with their third.

Atcheson’s first daughter is on a portrait at the hospital.

“This is my daughter Charlie,” Atcheson said. “She’s now 5 years old.”

Burns brings up the caboose. This first-time mom is 14 weeks pregnant.

“I just got married in January and then one month later found out I was pregnant,” Burns said.

Burns is grateful for the close bond among co-workers. She’s able to ask questions and get honest answers.

“It’s helped so much with my pregnancy and helped me feel so much more comfortable,” Burns said.

Most of these women will have Gorman in the delivery room. When that special day comes, no doubt they’ll be in good hands.

“Oh my goodness,” Gorman said holding a newborn, “Are you going to smile?”