Baby Lisa, Still on our Minds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three months ago, on Monday night into a Tuesday morning, Lisa Irwin disappeared from her Kansas City, Mo. home at 36th Street and North Lister.

Kansas City, Mo., police say their investigation continues into the October 4, 2011 disappearance, although there are no new developments in the case.

There has been little to report since November. On November 29, FOX 4 reported that the Irwin family asked a group that calls itself “Lisa’s Angels” to stop holding vigils in the family’s yard. Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin’s attorney said they wanted privacy and time to heal.

Also in November, Rasleen Raim, the mother of Irwin’s eight-year-old son went to court to fight for custody of their son. She said the environment was not healthy and expressed concern for his welfare.

On November 23, six weeks into the investigation, police disbanded the Northland command post used by investigators.

According to police, the Irwin investigation put a big strain on investigators working on other crimes.



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