Baby stingray dubbed ‘Trayvis Kel-sea’ born at SEA LIFE Kansas City


Trayvis Kel-sea, photo courtesy SEA LIFE KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A baby stingray is now on display at Kansas City’s SEA LIFE Aquarium, and he’s already a Chiefs fan!

The baby boy, dubbed ‘Trayvis Kel-sea” after Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was born at SEA LIFE just before the New Year.

Trayvis Kel-sea is a bluespotted ribbontail ray. They are commonly found in the Indo-Pacific region and are known to dig in sand and enjoy scavenging shipwrecks.

The bluespotted ribbontail ray’s blue spots warn predators to stay away in the wild.

Trayvis Kel-sea is now on display outside of the stingray tanks at SEA LIFE.



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