‘Bald-face lie’: Lucas, Galloway reject Missouri GOP statement on defunding police, local control

Picture of Mayor Lucas, Auditor Galloway

Picture of Mayor Quinton Lucas (left), Auditor Nicole Galloway

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s mayor says the Missouri Republican Party is lying by connecting the push for local control of the city’s police department with broader calls to defund the police.

The head of the Republican party this week said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway supports defunding the police because she supports local control of the Kansas City Police Department. The statement pointed to Galloway’s twitter, where she expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, including their push for local control.

The GOP statement linked Galloway’s support of BLM to defunding police, which is also a goal of the movement.

“Nicole Galloway’s support for this dangerous and growing movement across our country will make our streets and communities less safe,” the statement reads.

The Kansas City Star on Wednesday reported that Democratic Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas says that’s a “bald-face lie” and that the two issues are unconnected.

A spokesman for Galloway says she supports local control of the city’s police department but doesn’t support defunding police departments. 

The state of Missouri took over control of the police department due to rampant corruption during the early 1900s. However, advocates for local control insist that those problems don’t exist anymore and the community should have more of a say in policing.

Mayor Quinton Lucas announced in June that city residents will get to vote for or against local control of the police department on the ballot in November. The question would not have a legally binding effect, but Lucas said it will help set priorities for local representatives.



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