Barber goes a cut above to help reform kids’ bad behavior

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SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- A Georgia barber is giving parents a new way to discipline their kids. The owner of A1 Kutz is getting national attention for a unique haircut being offered here to disciple unruly kids.

"People care about their appearance at that age when they're young they really care about their appearance," barber Russell Frederick said.

Most kids who sit in Frederick's chair get a routine cut, but “cut up” and Frederick may  use his clippers  to wield his own special brand of punishment.

“Oh it's a haircut we came up at the shop to help the parents out as far as reaching the kids that are being disruptive at home and in school," he said.

It's been dubbed the "George Jefferson," "Benjamin Button," and the "Old Man" haircut. Frederick's own 12-year-old son was the first to sport the “look" after getting into trouble last fall.

"Because it worked on my son. His grades had dropped, so I shaved his head bald and his grades skyrocketed afterwards," Frederick said.

Last week one boy's mom came in requesting the disciplinary cut for her son. Frederick posted the child's before and after photos on his Instagram page and captured national attention. His phone is now ringing off the hook with calls with requests for interviews.

But Frederick has taken some heat from critics who feel this form of public humiliation is akin to emotional abuse, but most support him.

"If the appearance is what's important to them I think, you know, it's not hurting them physically. So you can get your point across and make sure they do what they're supposed to do. I think it's a wonderful idea," parent Alicia Henry.

Some people may laugh at the whole thing, but the owner says it's no laughing matter. He says it's a serious option for parents looking for a creative way to discipline their kids when they're acting up.



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